3 Common Types of Headaches

Feeling pain in your head can make doing daily tasks very difficult. There are different severities of pain that people experience depending on the type of headache they get. Some people can still go to work but just feel uncomfortable, while others cannot leave their dark bedroom for days. Everyone gets these pains for different reasons. Depending on what is causing it, you can get a plan in place to take care of the pain and prevent it from happening in the future.


A migraine headache is one of the more severe head pains people experience. This discomfort usually does not allow the person to be in a room with any light or even stand up. They feel extreme pain that stays with them for multiple days at a time. Sometimes the only option they have is migraine treatment Jacksonville FL which helps them with the severe pain so that they can return back to their normal routines of life. If you are around someone who is experiencing a migraine be sure to keep your voice down and offer to help them in any way possible.


Tension headaches are very common. Because so many people work at jobs where they sit at a desk all day, their necks and heads can get very stiff. The stiffness in these muscles is what causes the pain they feel. People can also experience this type of head pain from getting in a motor vehicle accident. If they tensed up or hit their head on something they will often have a very bad headache within the following 24 hours because of how tight all of their muscles got.


Most people don’t consider their head pain could be from allergies, but it is actually very normal. Especially people who live in areas where they are more susceptible to allergies. The pain that you get from these is normally in the front of your head because that is where your sinuses are. Once those get inflamed from mucus being trapped inside, it causes a lot of pain behind the eyes and in front of the head.

Depending on the reason you are getting a headache, there are many different ways to get rid of it. No matter what, most people can agree that feeling any type of pain in their head is not ideal. It affects their eyesight, mood, and even sometimes hearing.