4 great reasons on why to treat yourself to a gym membership in Bangkok

It’s that time of the year when you start planning a for a few days away by the sea to relax, enjoy food and drinks with friends and generally forget about work and the big city. You decide to try on a few clothes to get in the mood, only to be given a bit of a shock.

You no longer fit as well into your favourite outfits. You did not realise that you were so out of shape and had added some kilos. There is a couple of months before your trip, so some urgent action is required. You treat yourself to a membership for Fitness at Pattanakarn (called ค่าฟิตเนส พัฒนาการ in Thai).

While there are many available gyms around the city, you have heard great things about this place, which seems to offer something a little different from the others. Here are 4 reasons why you have chosen the gym.

  1. Great equipment. The gym has the latest up to date modern fitness equipment available so that it is enjoyable to train and meaning that you are likely to return and keep to a programme. It has a fantastic reputation connected to its MMA training elsewhere, and you have never seen an out of shape athlete in that combat sport.
  2. The latest technology. Equipment such as a body mass meter are there for you to scan body parts to assess all your levels as is used in leading hospitals. Advice will be offered in nutrition and dietary choices in line with your own lifestyle and targets. It might be that you wish to increase muscle or losing fat. Both will be catered for.
  3. Personal training. There is nothing better than a one-to-one relationship with your own professional dedicated personal trainer. You will be given a personalized programme which will help you in your aims, whether you want to lose weight or get fit and offering less chance of failure if your pride is likely to suffer.
  4. Group training. Perhaps teamwork and achievements with others is more your scene. Group exercises will focus on full body training, heart rate stimulation, and endurance training that will accelerate the metabolic rate.

Heading to a high-quality, reputable gym will improve your health and quality of life as you achieve your specific targets when under the supervision of qualified instructors. You will also have no need to worry about the extra expenses of replacing your wardrobe collection.