5 Physical Causes of Erection Problems

Erection problems are also known as impotence or erectile dysfunction. Nearly all men have erection problems at some point in their lives. This is common. However, these problems can also occur at any age. However, they are particularly common in middle-aged men, who tend to have other underlying health issues.

Erection problems, however, can be a symptom of another condition, and can even be a symptom of a psychological problem. It has been established that there are a variety of psychological causes for erection problems, including stress, fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, pornography, and sexual arousal. It’s also been established that some types of medication may affect erection, or the ability to achieve an erection. While medications aren’t necessarily the only cause of these problems, they are one of many psychological causes that are associated with sexual dysfunction.

When you ask questions about your sexual relationship, it’s important to consider all of your partners and what their sexual histories say about their sexual experiences. The more information you have about their sexual histories, the better you can determine their risk factors for having erection problems. Some of the risk factors include things such as masturbation, premature ejaculation, decreased libido, and having multiple partners. It is important that you ask questions, too, if you have any doubts about how your partner has responded sexually in the past. Not all relationships experience the same sexual tension and arousal between partners, and your partner’s responses to different sexual situations may differ from yours.

If you have erection problems, don’t be embarrassed. Your doctor will be able to help you work through these issues with you. If you suspect that you do have erection problems, make sure you talk with your doctor and seek his advice on different methods of treatment to help you overcome your erection problems. Some of the prescription medicines your doctor may recommend including Viagra and Cialis. There are many over-the-counter medicines that your doctor may suggest as well, including Levitra and generic drugs like vardenafil.

One of the most common physical causes of erection problems is an improperly functioning prostate gland or enlarged prostate. If this is the case for you, there are several ways to treat your erection problems that include surgery and medications. The type of surgery that your doctor may recommend depends upon how enlarged your prostate is, how often you have had prostate problems in the past, and how risky your prostate is.

One of the biggest problems with erectile dysfunction is nerve damage. Nerves control the flow of blood from the penis to the head of the penis, and they allow blood to fill your erectile chambers once an erection occurs. Once the blood begins to fill your erection chambers, it becomes possible to have sex. If the nerves are damaged, the flow of blood is slowed down, making it more difficult to have sex. The nerves may be damaged by injuries received during sports accidents, from overexertion from working out, or even by taking drugs like Viagra. One of the most common ways to treat nerve damage is through medication.

An erectile dysfunction patient has problems with having an erection when it should happen and staying erect when it happens. An impotence problem causes a man to suffer from erectile problems. An erectile dysfunction may be temporary or permanent. When he cannot have or maintain an erection that allows sufficient sex, a man has erectile problems.

Erectile problems can be a symptom of many underlying health conditions requiring that you visit a men’s erectile dysfunction treatment clinic. He could have low self-esteem because he could not have a hard erection or he could have anxiety and depression as the cause of his erectile problems. A medical condition like diabetes could cause poor circulation of blood and make it hard for the penis to stay erect. Or he could also have a mental health condition like anxiety or depression that affects an erection.

Other physical risk factors that can affect an erection are having too much stress on the body and not getting enough sleep or rest. Stress can negatively affect both physical and mental wellness. Having anxiety and stress can add to the physical risk factors for ED also.

There are several medications that can be prescribed for erection problems that can be gotten over the counter or by a prescription. The most commonly used treatments are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Prozac. They are taken to treat mental disorders like anxiety and depression that can cause physical stress.

There are other physical causes for erection problems. These can be physical causes of stress like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, or they can be caused by physical diseases like heart disease. Men who are suffering from heart disease and are taking anti-coagulants or blood thinners may experience erectile dysfunction. Medications like aspirin can also affect how long an erection lasts.

If you have any relationship problems, one of the first things you need to work on is your psychological health. Your emotional state of mind can affect your sexual health. Work on your confidence in bed and work on overcoming any negative thoughts that you may have. You may be able to work your way through your relationship problems and overcome them. If you want to enjoy a healthy sex life with your partner then you need to eliminate any stress and anxiety that may be affecting your sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is more common in younger men. Men who are older or who are overweight will generally suffer from erection problems more often. One reason for this is stress. Stress can affect your body’s chemical levels and cause physical problems including the inability to get an erection.

If you think your physical exam is indicating a problem then don’t ignore it. The sooner you deal with it, the easier it will be to get rid of your erection problems. If your physician gives you a clean bill of health then the chances of you overcoming your erection problems are very good. In some cases, if the problem happens because of physical issues then you will need to see your doctor for a diagnosis of what is wrong. Your doctor may prescribe you certain medication to deal with the problem and help to restore your sex life.