Are You Getting the Best from Your Fitness Program? It may be time for a rethink!

Are you one of hundreds (if not thousands) of Montgomery County athletes or fitness buffs, who follow a rigorous regimen of training, exercise, and workouts, to accomplish a specific objective? Perhaps it’s to improve deficiencies in your game play. Maybe it’s enhancing your poise, posture, or stamina? Or maybe it’s just about general fitness and wellbeing? It’s possible that you may be trying hard to reach your goals – but you just don’t seem to be getting there.

It may be time to rethink what to expect from your Montgomery County recreation center.


Famous inventor and entrepreneur, Thomas Edison, once said: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Truer words were never spoken – but not necessarily wholly applicable to athletic or sporting success. Whether it’s in competitive sports, or in the general health and fitness arena, experts have looked closely at the adage that working hard always pays big dividends. And there’s a new, more appropriate, interpretation to Edison’s saying.

This new approach, which highlights the importance of being smart in your choice of training and exercise routines, says: “Work hard by working smart”. So, what does that mean? For participants in TeamABA’s basketball training Montgomery County, it means rethinking what the “typical” sports health and fitness program offers, and then raising those expectations up by several notches. This new approach ensures true success using a balanced mix of inspiration and perspiration.


TeamABA is the world’s premier sports, health, and fitness training organization – and it’s earned that distinction for a reason. Staffed by sports health and fitness experts, the team uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Precision Teaching to every aspect of sports, fitness, endurance, and performance training.  That’s unlike the “typical” Montgomery County recreation center, where members are either left to their own devices, or follow a template-based training regimen.

Scientific evidence proves that all sports persons, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts have unique physical and physiological characteristics. Because of that, no two athletes react the same to “cookie cutter” training programs. The TeamABA approach recognizes that, and uses a smarter, data-driven, approach to delivering results.


ABA is about using data analytics for targeted outcomes. Instead of repeating a series of redundant workouts over a prolonged time period, ABA uses data and observations to tailor a set of workouts that produce a desired set of behavioral changes within the shortest possible time.

Participants in the ABA basketball training Montgomery County benefit from a methodology that isolates specific deficits, and then using scientific-based performance strategies that address those deficiencies. Whether it’s posture or poise, or whether it’s strength or stamina, TeamABA professionals don’t just prescribe a one-size-fits all approach to sports health and fitness training. These strategies include a broad range of sports, strength and conditioning, fitness, behavior nutrition/health coaching, and mindfulness training. At the end of the day, the balanced ABA approach of inspiration + perspiration is what makes your hard work count on Game Day!