Home Mobility: Issues & Solutions

When we are young, we tend to take good health for granted and as we mature, so does our body; the first forty years should be plain sailing, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and when we reach retirement age, mobility can become an issue.

Here are a few potential mobility problems along with solutions.

  • Climbing the stairsOne of the new stairlifts in Evesham is the perfect solution to stair navigation issues and if you find yourself having to stop halfway up, this is a sign that a stairlift is required. The heavy-duty units can support up to 140kg (25stone) and are simple to operate, with safety systems built in.
  • Bathroom safety – It is so easy to slip and fall in the bathroom and the sharp and unforgiving edges can be lethal. Rubber mats are the solution; they can be sourced from an online provider.
  • Balance – Some people have balance issues; vertigo and middle ear problems can make it dangerous and in such a situation, a walking frame would be advised. The four legs have rubber non-slip feet and the unit is fully adjustable, plus the frame is light and made from aluminium.
  • Support – You might need support to get in and out of the bath and possible a small handrail next to the toilet; your local handyman can fit suitable support rails for that essential stability in certain situations.

There are quite a few things that you can do to make your home mobility-friendly and a stairlift enables you to use all of your living space.