How Buying Prescription Medications Online Works

Having a prescription filled online is not as rare as it used to be. In fact, the emergence of Canadian online pharmacies has given American consumers a lot more options. International pharmacies are meeting a profound need for prescription medications at more affordable prices. Cheaper prices are their main selling point.

If you have never filled a prescription through an international pharmacy, rest assured that it is not hard. Granted, it does take a little more work than having your doctor send your prescription to a local pharmacy electronically. Yet the savings can make the little bit of extra work more than worthwhile.

Here’s how it works, in four simple steps:

Step #1: Visit Your Doctor

Almost all legitimate online pharmacies operate based on the same fundamental principles. Because they will not dispense prescription medications without a legitimate prescription, the first step is to see your doctor. Discuss your particular medical issues and the appropriate medications. Your doctor will then write your prescriptions as normal.

The key to this step is making clear that you do not want the doctor’s office sending your prescriptions to a local pharmacy for filling. You are going to handle that yourself, albeit with the office’s assistance in some cases.

Step #2: Open a Pharmacy Account

The second step is to open an account with an online pharmacy. You might choose Canada Drugs Direct, for example. The reason for this is simple: online pharmacies have to verify identity, residency, and insurance information before they can fill a prescription. The only way to do this is to require that customers establish accounts.

Step #3: Submit Your Prescription

This third step is where the bulk of the work is done. In order to get your prescription filled, you must submit it to the pharmacy. Online pharmacies have different policies in this regard. As a Canadian pharmacy, Canada Drugs Direct has no contact with U.S. doctors. Therefore, they insist that prescriptions be submitted in two ways.

First, a patient can send a copy of the prescription via fax, email, or direct upload. The choice is theirs. Second, that copy must be supported by the original. Once a patient’s order has been placed, they must mail the original prescription to the pharmacy.

Step #4: Arrange for Payment

How online pharmacies collect payment also differs from one organization to the next. Some of them accept electronic payment at the time an order is placed. Others wait until they have received the patient’s prescription before contacting that patient and arranging for payment.

Nearly all online pharmacies accept credit and debit card payments. Most accept insurance prescription plans as well. It is up to consumers to understand payment options when placing their orders.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

In closing this post, it is important to remind readers to never be afraid to ask questions. As the customer, you are entitled to have whatever information is necessary to make an informed decision. Do not simply accept what an online pharmacy tells you if you are not absolutely sure it’s the truth.

Where questions about drugs are concerned, the person to ask is a licensed pharmacist. This suggests you choose an online pharmacy that gives customers access to one. That access could be via phone, email, or other means. At any rate, a licensed pharmacist is your best friend when purchasing prescription medications.

Now you know how buying prescription medications online works. It takes a little bit of extra effort, but that effort might be worth it if the savings are significant. Buying online might even be the only way you can afford your medication.