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Everybody these days is prone to diseases, ailments and accidents that warrant us to visit a doctor or clinic to get treated. The treatment can prove very expensive at times which adds to the miseries of an ailing individual.

However, to solve this problem, Australian government is providing Medicare which is a government-operated health insurance scheme mandatory for all Australians.

Medicare System

Medicare is meant to provide an easy access to efficient and fair health insurance by every Australian. Medicare System, designed to make affordable healthcare more accessible, facilitates all Australians to claim the Medicare rebate for eligible medical services.

Under the Medicare system of universal health insurance in Australia, due to bulk bill service, all Australians can obtain quality health care in an easier and more affordable manner.

What is bulk bill medical service?

Bulk billing is a payment option for availing a wide range of prescribed range of health services as listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule provided the healthcare providers i.e. doctor or clinic agrees.

Bulk billing is offered at the discretion of the individual doctor or medical practice and to be eligible for bulk billing you must be enrolled in Medicare. Under bulk bill service patients are not required to pay for the medical service from a health professional or medical centre.

Instead, the doctor or clinic will directly bill Medicare for a patient’s consultation and accepts the Medicare benefit received by them as full payment for their services to the patient.

Bulk Billing is where Medicare is responsible for payments those are directly sent by the healthcare professionals. For availing bulk bill service, you will have to ask your doctor or medical clinic beforehand as all doctors or clinics do not offer you the same.

You will be required to pay for your appointment if your healthcare provider does not bulk bill which you can claim later on from Medicare.

If you are enrolled in Medicare, it is always better to get treatment at a bulk bill medical clinic as you will not have to pay any cash for their services.

As a patient, you can assign the benefit to healthcare professionals by either by signing a form or agreeing through EFTPOS terminal after their appointment.

What expenses are covers for bulk billing at medical clinics?

When you go to a bulk bill medical clinic, bulk billing can cover expenses of your:

  • Visits to your GP for routine appointments
  • Visits/consultation to specialists that bulk bill
  • Most of the tests and scans like x-rays and pathology tests
  • Tests performed by optometrists for your eyes
  • Most of the surgical procedures suggested by your surgeon

Eligibility criteria for bulk billing

 As far as eligibility for bulk billing is concerned it is most important for you to get enrolled in Medicare.

Individuals those are eligible for bulk billing

  • Age pensioners
  • Seniors Card holders
  • Health Care Card holders
  • Students and children
  • Children under 16 years of age
  • After hours/home visit services
  • All patients at a designated medical clinic for bulk bill

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