Struggling With Balancing College and Mental Health

Planning for your future. Passing final exams. Where you are going to live. Managing student loan debt. Going away to college and being isolated from your family and friends for the first time in your life. These and other circumstances can emotionally and mentally overwhelm students with stress, providing additional strain to their lives and possibly causing them to do poorly in their studies, which happens a lot more often than you would imagine.

The infographic below, Managing the College Stress Epidemic, breaks down the severity of stress and anxiety at the higher education level, even a breakdown of symptoms, causes, and treatment opportunities. It is necessary information for all college students, incoming freshmen, and even the family of university students.

Students can also take it upon themselves to do specific actions in their daily lives to combat struggling with stress on their own. Getting enough sleep every night, for example, can have a huge effect on battling stress, and yet is something that is not taken seriously by most college students. Sleep, exercise, and nutrition will not only ease stress, but they also contribute to better physical health — the combination of which can make the difference between academic failure and success.

A great start to staying positive, healthy and keeping stress at bay is to continue reading below.